Stretch-n-Grow Programs

Below is the logo for each program Stretch-n-Grow offers. Not all programs are offered by every location. Please check with your SNG Owner to see what programs can be offered in your area. For a description of what each program offers just click the logo and you will be taken to its program description page.

Fitness Stars

Fitness Stars is our high energy, fun and action-packed adventure fitness class where preschoolers learn strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and how healthy foods fuel their bodies.

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All-Star Cheer

Our cheerleading camps are designed for kids who want to experience the thrill of spirit and develop talent, coordination, skills and self-esteem…

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All-Star Sports

With All-Star Sports, we introduce the skills and techniques for a FUN mix of sports like Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Field Hockey, and Track & Field…

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Dance Stars

When children are inspired by their imagination to move, our Dance Stars instructors know how to match their high energy and enthusiasm through dance…

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Camp Fit

Camp Fit is a real workout for the kids, but it’s worth it because it’s all about fun!

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Field Day

Our energetic staff brings a fun festival of field day events straight to your center…

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Kids Dance Party

Kids will move and groove in this crazy, fun and energetic hip-hop and funk class, which includes age-appropriate music and moves loved by boys and girls alike…

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All-Star Gymnastics

Our All-Star Gymnasts learn basic tumbling skills through progressions designed to build strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance…

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Yoga Stars

Yoga Stars help kids channel positive energy by creating a space to practice mindfulness, strength, and breathing techniques…

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